Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon is a vibrant martial arts school offering classes in the eclectic kung fu style, Kajukenbo, to children and adults in Oakland, California. Kajukenbo training includes rigorous repetition of basic strikes and blocks, close-in fighting sets, grappling, traditional forms practice and sparring with partners. Students at Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon progress through a belt system, from white to black, and emphasis throughout the training is on developing the core martial qualities of fighting spirit, self-discipline and respect. The philosophical foundation for Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon is embedded in The Warrior’s Code, written and developed by Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon Head Instructor, Sifu Kate Hobbs, emphasizing the value of love, respect, care, responsibility, honor and peace in the martial arts practice as well as in other aspects of daily life.

 Belt Promotion and Celebration! 

Save the date for the Youth Program Belt Promotion and Celebration on Saturday, November 18 beginning at 8:30

On Saturday November 18th, Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon will hold a belt promotion for students in the Youth Program. All Youth Program students should plan to be at Saint Columba by 8:30 to support the testing students and participate in the testing. The testing will end at 12:30pm and will be immediately followed by a buffet lunch and celebration.

The following students will be testing on this date. Other students may also be testing - the list will be updated up until November 18th.

 Orange Belt        Dulari de Leon,  Lucy Fox,  Oliver Freyre,  Joaquin Tarango-Sho,  Khalil Savage,  Bryan Meza,  Camila Meza-Gonzalez, Kennedy Griffin, Mateo Wechsler, West Witort 

 Purple Belt      Leila Oliver,  Timothy Kleinfelter,  Medinah Katsumbusi,  Mateo Tarango-Sho,  Laniyah Omen,  LaNeigh Ford,  Angel Guerrero, Liliana Sanger

 Blue Belt      John Muir

 Green Belt      Ale Luna,  Andy Luna, Adriana Fierro,  Zane Faraday

Come support testing students in our Youth Program as they demonstrate their Kajukenbo skills and advance to the next belt rank.  All belt promotions are followed by a celebration of power and commitment by the entire training community and their families. All students in the Youth Program should plan to attend all belt tests regardless of whether they are testing on a given date. Our celebration will include a potluck lunch made possible by the generosity and culinary skills of our community. We could also use volunteers to assist with set-up, clean up, and activities.

Please use this link to sign up to bring a dish to share.   Sign up sheet

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